Fancy Cara - Private Collection



Our house brand offers fancy colour diamond of superb quality and rare gemstone haute joaillier.


We are committed to working with top craftsmen across the globe, including Hong Kong, Switzerland and Germany.


It's our mission and passion to deliver the most exciting and exquisite jewellery to fulfill clients' individuality and realize their dreams.


Haute Jewellery - Cardo



Cardo creates in different unique designs with F/G VVS+ quality fancy cut diamonds: Princess cut, Baguette, Hexagon and tailored made unique cuts.


Our creative artists put together artistic pieces using the concept of architecture and spirit of brilliance, wisdom, elegance and gracefulness.


Cardo's signature Invisible - the no prongs setting between diamonds - produces full light reflection like sparkling stars shining in the dark sky.

One of a Kind




Limited edition. Launch seasonally. Surprise and imagination are the specials for this collection.


The unpredictable, timeless grace of the mysterious designs never fails to impress our curious clients.


We craft the one and Only one. Our One of a Kind is truly individual.




Illusionary Tale








Stars in the night sky, shine and glow, brightened up the sky like diamonds.



"It's the little things that make life big."